About us

Gefest is an international company that provides all types of consulting services in domestic and foreign trade and economic activities.

We offer

our clients expert assistance in strategic, managerial, legal, financial and logistic aspects of the business. We organize processes of export and / or import of goods necessary for the client. In particular, we deal with issues as:

  • search for suppliers of products of interest in a given region;
  • legal support of the transaction;
  • customs escort of goods from near abroad countries, Europe, Asia and China;
  • conclusion of an EPC contract at the request of the customer.

Team and objectives

Our team

Consists of highly qualified economists, lawyers, suppliers and managers from specific business sectors.

Main objective

Increase the key indicators of your business and its profitability by optimizing business processes at any stage of the project. We know how to reduce costs at any stage.

Our principles

of working with clients:
  • puzzle

    Individual approach, personalized solutions for the client taking into account tasks and internal specificity of the customer's company

  • shield

    Absolute confidentiality of information

  • portfolio

    "Direct business": providing the client with access to the manufacturer, without other intermediaries

  • search

    Real audit of contractors for the customer for legal reliability and financial transparency

Reasons for choosing us:

  • We ensure a actual result of business processes optimization -profit growth up to 21%*(*based on feedback from project partners)

  • We provide a detailed examination and consultation on problems of sanctions measures against Russian Federation

  • We participate in solving issues in the trade Committee for the promotion of international trade (Chamber of Commerce and Industry of China)

  • We attract foreign investment in domestic projects (EPC/M contract)

  • We have established relationships and partnerships with companies in countries such as China, Turkey, Serbia, Czech Republic, UAE, Singapore, Italy, Netherlands, England, Kazakhstan, Belarus, Germany, and we have the possibility of bilateral legal study of documents on compliance with the legislation of both States-parties of the contract.

  • We are chosen for realization of “turn-key” level federal projects

Gefest knows how to give the client the result without draining him with the process.

History of the company

Gefest began its work in 2015. During this relatively short time, its founders Alexander Tovpeko, Alexey Panov and Barba Denis were able to identify, establish and maintain their business as one of the leaders in the issues of profitable logistics solutions and customs support, direct search for suppliers, audit and customer service.

Alexander Tovpeko, the ideological inspirer of Gefest:

- Everyone is familiar with the hypothesis that the most successful businesses belong to those who have gone from "waiter to restaurant owner", from the smallest positions to management. The history of our team and company serves as another confirmation of this theory.

Each of us in his own way began his career in various commercial structures. We met and united on a project related to the supply of metal structures, fire protection systems and other equipment to construction sites of the northwestern Federal district and the Central Federal district of the Russian Federation.

We frequently discussed and put at the forefront the problem of optimization of business processes for increasing efficiency of the business entrusted to us. The importance and priority of this task was confirmed by the currency crisis of 2014-2015. The devaluation of the ruble, anti-Russian sanctions, an influx of resellers in the domestic and foreign markets and their enormous price markups -this is only part of what many, us in particular, had to face. Having overcome these difficulties in a particular industry, having understood the means of solving such issues and having gained certain skills in finding reliable partners abroad, we decided to create our own business.

At the founding days, Gefest began its foreign economic activities. The relevance and usefulness of such an effective management tool as consulting services became apparent immediately in all areas of business. Regardless of the direction of the project (construction, complex deliveries related to logistics and brokerage, the financial sector and the use of financial instruments such as leasing services), the demand for consulting services was extremely high. Our business became not only economically expedient, profitable for us and our clients, but also interesting, exciting as each of team members looked for the most reliable and favorable solutions of difficult and professional tasks.

Since 2015, the company's office staff, in the city of St. Petersburg, has increased from four people to two dozen highly qualified specialists in different fields. Today, Gefest works with more than a hundred enterprises from different regions of Russia and also with European and Asian partners.

Interacting directly with the manufacturers, additionally calculating the optimal options for cargo transportation, taking into account the customs clearance of goods and their registration at a particular terminal, as well as a number of other issues, we offer customers not only the quality of services, but also the adequate cost for each stage of the project.

One of our main tasks is to reduce costs at each stage of your project, a Penny saved is a Penny earned . We focus on increasing the projects profitability and differ from our competitors in this approach. In close cooperation with Russian and foreign partners, our team is immersed in the task fully and comprehensively, preventing the risks associated with the implementation of the contract.

Since 2017, Gefest has taken part in a number of major Federal projects. One of them is connected with multimodal logistics and complex delivery of products to the territory of the country.

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